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Stewards Cup SI 2014

Stewards Cup entry 2014

Photo by Andrew Campfield


Craft stalls, thanks to Jenny & her friend Sue, cakes & refreshment stall, thanks to Pippa, Barb & Martin, tombola, thanks to olga, portraits & face painting which was thanks to Paulene & many more stalls all going on in the club.


Torpoint Mosquito Sailing Club Liz Harris Cup – charity race in aid of St Luke’s Hospice

In the first of what is hoped to be an annual fundraiser for the hospice, Torpoint Mosquito this year sailed the Liz Harris Cup in aid of St Luke’s with masses of onshore fundraising activities going on during the race weekend.  The hugely enjoyable race arranged by yacht secretary Dee Casey Brown saw yachts teamed with dinghies and windsurfers to sail a course to Rubble, First Yellow and then back upstream to Ferry in 10-12 knots of breeze.  Many congratulations to the winning team of Keith Watts (Late Arrival yacht), Rob Loader (Laser dinghy) and Stuart Hookway (windsurfer).   



Photo by William Shimell

Photo by William Shimell

 Yachts, Dinghies & Windsurfers racing together on the river all thanks to Dee,

From Sue Griffiths

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Updated  08 Sep 2014