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Club Newsletter Issue 2


19 July 2014 Nearly St German’s Pursuit Race


This pursuit race, with a two-hour time limit from the first start, saw the slowest boat starting first from the TMSC start line and the faster boats starting in turn dependent on their handicap. It had a planned 12 mile course taking in the River Tamar, the River Lynher up to the red buoy at Dandy Hole and back to a course around St Johns Lake. However due to the light to no winds and a tide that was ebbing at 11.00 am although high tide was not due until midday, the course was shortened to a sausage between Ferry and St Johns Lake 1 buoys, a distance of probably barely two miles. The race officers set a course with a beat to the first mark and a run back to Ferry which gave the fleet a fighting chance against the tide. Brian Jones in the Feva started the race at 11.15 am. The other boats started over a 27-minute period with Chris Rowsell & Kathryn Drury (RS400) starting last at 11.42am. The Feva led the fleet to the first mark but was passed by the pursuing fleet on the run back to Ferry with the current against them. The light winds and strong currents saw Stephen Caley (Laser) carefully pick his way up the channel west of the Ballast Pound and then deliberately capsize his Laser and walk it under the access bridge.

Rob Loader


The fleet having sailed for over one and quarter hours were now close together as they crossed the line in front of the race hut at the end of the first lap. With only 4 minutes 39 seconds between them Keith Watts (Laser) was first, Chris Rowsell & Kathryn Drury (RS400) second and Rob Loader (Laser) third. The second lap was to be completed in a much shorter time. After rounding Ferry mark, with the current behind the fleet and the wind increasing, Watts increased his lead. Waves from boat movements shook the wind from his pursuers’ sails with Loader sailing into the beach, getting up wind and hoping to gain on Chris Rowsell but to no avail. The two hours end time was near as the fleet rounded St Johns Lake 1 for the second time at 13.11 am. Chris Rowsell with just enough wind to fill the spinnaker was gaining on Keith Watts. As Watts reached the wind shadow of the Ballast Pound the final minutes ticked away and he must have wondered if Rowsell would catch him before the race ended. Andy Allen (Enterprise) got to windward of Stephen Caley and Tony Ayers & Ellen Fortt (Laser 2000) on the approach to St Johns Lake 1 and managed to round the mark passing both boats. Unfortunately it was just after the two hours time limit and the eagle-eyed safety boat crew had already noted the boats’ positions with Keith Watts (Laser) first, Chris Rowsell & Kathryn Drury (RS 400 ) second and Rob Loader (Laser) third. Stephen Caley although finishing fourth on the water was demoted to seventh due to the above-mentioned walking his boat under the bridge incident but deserves recognition for his ingenuity. Three boats retired.

Race officers: Jenny Roberts, Jack Mann Safety team: Robby Roberts, Hugh Napp, Dee Casey-Brown, Ralph Smith

Results: 1.Keith Watts (Laser) 2.Chris Rowsell & Kathryn Drury (RS400) 3.Rob Loader (Laser) 4.Tony Ayers & Ellen Fortt 5.Andy Allen (Enterprise)




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Updated  22 Jul 2014